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Job Vacancies for Nurses

A new life, a great career, the opportunity of a lifetime.

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Norway Scenic City

A life changing opportunity with real benefits. Full time positions with contracts available for Nurses in Norway. It’s a job opportunity with exceptional incentives!

  • Attractive salary package
  • Expand your professional profile
  • Enhance your career and earn points working abroad
  • Experience a new culture
  • Make new friends
  • Where making a difference can bring real rewards

Many exciting positions available!

Interested in a rewarding job, an enhanced career and an exciting life in Norway? Fill in your details to find out more about an opportunity of a lifetime.


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Why work in Norway?

An exciting new life with a rewarding career!

Advance your career.

Grow your career opportunities by enhancing your career, earning points working aboard, and achieving international recognition.

Hospital conditions

Generally speaking the healthcare system in Norway provides excellent conditions for both patients and staff, the latest in technologies, exceptional customer care facilities and international medical innovations.

Sophisticated Lifestyle

Norway is a sophisticated European country with a thriving economy, exceptional quality of life, cultural freedom, and rich in history.

Meet new people

Expand your horizons by living and working with interesting array of people.

Amazing Incentives

Prestigious client offers high salaries, expansion of professional profile, language training, free accommodations and transportation, three paid flights home, learning a new language, and recognized points system.


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What it is: Job vacancy for nurses
Where is it: The open postions are for working as a nurse in Norway with full induction traing to take place in Spain.